Virtual Robber

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Auckland > 8

I love how this team mixes live action with animation, and this year is no exception with some awesome creepy retro graphics. The initial smash cut was jarring in just the right way, but the character's transition from virtual to real required a large dose of suspension of disbelief. Overall great to see genuine comedic moments blended with a solid black mirror esque vibe.

A coherent film with some stylish 2D animation worked in to give some good visual variety in a one location shoot. I thought the performances from the actors were really good, as was the idea of incorporating the Wilhelm scream into the video game where it didn't disrupt the narrative like in so many others. The plot was thin and not really a crime movie, but the overall technical delivery was pretty good. Script sounds like it was ad libbed between two actors who knew each other anyway and was all the more natural for it. Personally I think "crime" as a genre for 48hrs sucks; so hopefully if this team gets something better next time, all the background elements which were right will lead to an even better result!


The dangers of VR gaming!

Loved the switch in this from animation to live action & the scream worked pretty well inside the VR gaming environment. I also enjoyed the Ring-esque threat that eventuated. My attention was certainly held from that point but not a lot then happens once the stakes are raised. Rather, the issue is quickly resolved and we're left with a bit of meaningless chit-chat that borders on tedious as the credits roll.

Overall, great potential that doesn't quite hit it.

I liked the blend of cgi and live action.
The sound was too quiet for me, I had trouble hearing some of the lines, especially when the actors were talking softly.
I initially didn't like the first scene with the woman getting beaten up, but props for making a film with all female actors.