Survival... in the corporate jungle

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Auckland > 6

Interesting take on the survival genre, had to laugh at the use of the female character and the audience seemed to enjoy watching

A great film to end the night on.

While technically this film commits many sins, that's also its charm, the inclusion of cutaway shots to Janine was my highlight. Janine4lyf.

I also really enjoyed watching the actors legitimately start laughing and breaking character, I would love for a lot more 48Hour films to utilize bloopers into their actual story.

Scott Doar

This film was such a great feel good story. It had some great laughs and the story was well told. loved the inclusion of the improvised discussion.


Quite a fun film. Being someone that has actually gone through this EXACT interview, I found the scenario to be entirely suitable for this genre. Good to see the actors getting a kick out of it. A little bit more work on the story and production would have given this a much higher rating and i look forward to seeing this team in next years competition.