Wizards escape

Average: 3.5 (7 votes)
Fairytale / Fantasy
Auckland > 6

Really cool effects, attention to detail in the art direction and world building, and a really cool idea for a story, I'm just not sure I fully comprehended what was going on.

Well done, guys!

The whole idea of NZ as a heaven is awesome! Special effects and music in the movie were fantastic! Also, thanks for subtitles!


This movie had a really nice feeling to it, I could feel a sense of warmth coming from the film, especially the scenes playing rugby on the beach. The FX were really good.

I feel the story could've been explained a bit more, something like who is the main character? Play the conflict out to show him wrestling with his beliefs vs his boss's orders.

Scott Doar

I really liked the message of this film. and the effects were great. hope you guys come back next year, id love to see what you come up with.


A​ ​wizards​ ​tale​ ​in​ ​middle​ ​earth.​ ​Some​ ​really​ ​nice​ ​cinematography!


Beautifully shot film, with some slick special effects, but did the story go anywhere?

Easy on the eye from start to finish, and special effects were crafted seamlessly. I appreciated the names on the doors in the first scene.
Ended all too quickly without really making it's way through the motions of the plot.
Too much time spent cutting back to the office, with little happening.

Technically talented team, would like to see what they make outside of the competition.