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The good thing about our film is, We can watch it. And the 5 minutes seems to go quicker than other movies, Do you guys get that or is it just us? It goes REALLY fast, Other films seem to drag on! Although one part in the film has a bit of down time, And that's the part where he's having a frustrating conversation with his friends answerphone, But that's actually the point of the scene, a fine line really. I reckon we got ganked out on that audience vote though, Apparently our team was one of a few that weren't listed as someone the audience could vote for, We probably would have gotten 3rd or something. last year there was some confusion about our entry as well, As to whether or not we'd been disqualified, and we had not been. We sure got thrown a curve ball with "A FEMALE" being one of the required elements, Our all male team was at a tremendous disadvantage. Luckily Vinny's wife Sarah, loves him very, VERY much ;) Overall, a good result with a great reception!

Whilst it was far from technically perfect my god was this funny. The pisstake on the movie 'Her' was really well done and the acting was great. Fancy cameras, drone shots and expensive lighting are all well and good but there's no substitute for entertainment and this had it in spades. The only downside was the memories brought back about my own dealings with IRD! lol. Well done guys and girls!

It's always very hard to make a thriller and build suspense in a 5min film but a great effort

DEADLINE plays to its strengths, embraces the weird and amateur nature of the comp. Well done team.


Laughed most of the way through it, from the so-called friends not answering their phones to the convo with his computer, it was really funny. Was able to straddle a fine-line between a serious message and the funny things happening to him well.

Scott Doar

I loved that you guys went for a comedic sci/fi style this year. was a genuinely funny film with a clear message. it made me wish that state sanctioned propaganda had been chosen as a genre this year. (i think it lost out to christmas movie)


Loved​ ​this​ ​film.​ ​Who​ ​likes​ ​paying​ ​taxes!​ ​The​ ​telephone​ ​conversations​ ​a​ ​real​ ​highlight!