Trash Day

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This team may not have access to all the fancy equipment which lets down a well performed story with a couple good gags

This might be the most depressing use of the survival genre I've seen! Too real!

A lot of passion behind the scenes here though, I look forward to seeing what Illegal Immigrants bring forward in the coming years.

Kate Tovey

Creative use of the genre and great performances from the actors. Keen to see more from this team too.


Really enjoyed this film, it had a nice tone and you could really feel for the main character stuck in a difficult relationship. Would've liked to see some change in some of the characters, either why the girlfriend became the way she did, or him sticking up for himself and getting out of the situation, rather than just escaping it.

Scott Doar

A great film to say the least. the story was told clearly and i love it when teams try to tackle a serious subject. hopefully you guys had a good time making this and will be back next year!

This was a tough concept for them to pull off as well as they managed to. Quite a serious topic, that did for the most part play out seriously but had a few comedic moments that broke the flow and tension a little and I'm not entirely sure they were all by design. Still, I was rooting for the lead man to get away from his abusive girlfriend, so it definitely did its job in keeping me invested.
A solid effort that they should be proud of.


Cool​ ​story​ ​about​ ​a​ ​nightmare​ ​partner!​ ​We've​ ​all​ ​been​ ​there!


Opportunity missed. The concept of a broken down relationship turning toxic is a powerful and relatable concept, and always interesting to see played out with a dominant female. However this team seemed to play for quick jokes, when a serious undertone could have work more in their favor (rare for a 48 hour I know).

It would have been nice to see how the relationship had broken down, an example from the start of the relationship and an example from the end did little to delve into the psychological breakdown of the relationship.
This left us with cheap laughs, and all-too-repetitive example-based filmmaking. All the depressing motifs soiled by an attempted comedic angle.

Well done on crafting a legible story.