Empty Room

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OK, It may look like a music video but it definately has a story. I'm so proud of the team to be able to write and produce a song in the 48 hours as well as make the movie. Hope you enjoy

A lot of work for just 48 hours, some good acting, and hard to put together some serious content in a 5 min film, well done

A lot of hard work and effort put into this film, and it really shows.

Didn't really do it for me though I'm afraid. It seems like the story was just the breakdown of a relationship without any closure of developments to project the story in any way towards the end.

Scott Doar

When this Film started I had a flash back to an interview i saw with Ant Timpson saying he wanted to see more "serious" films this year. so i have no idea why he made everyone try and incorporate the wilhelm scream into their films as its an inherently comical scream.
I think over all the film was a great attempt to tell a serious story through song. with some unintended laughs around the Wilhelm scream.


Really good song, singing was great and it told the story through the lyrics. Some of the time-lapse stuff at the party was very cool as well, the Wilheilm scream seemed to break up the sad nature of the film and I thought maybe the tone would change after that, but instead it went back to being sad again. I would've liked to see some reasons why the relationship was breaking up.

This film clearly had a lot of heart put into it and must have been a very personal/sincere story, however I couldn't quite work out what exactly was going on with the relationship and what had happened to cause the break-up etc.
Very sweet song though and a clever take on the genre.


A​ ​sad​ ​romance.​ ​Great​ ​song,​ ​Nicely​ ​shot​.​ ​I enjoy ​film​s ​that ​make​ ​you feel​ ​something.

Nomination: Best original song