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At Night
Auckland > 5

Cool radio station story line, and nice use of the scream!!

The night shift radio host? It works, great idea especially for what was a night time movie. Reminded me a bit of the old Clint Eastwood movie, "play misty for me". . I'm only giving you a lower rating not for the story just a bit of overall production value. But what do I know, you should see some of our stuff. But still hopefully just some friendly constructive .... opinion. Who am I to criticise.
Well done guys

Cool locations, some really nice shots (mixed in with a bunch of other amateur shots for some reason) and a really nice use of the At Night genre.

I felt the story could have used some fleshing out, but the initial concept of a stir crazy late night radio host has a lot of mileage.

Good idea here. Another film potentially let down by age-inappropriate casting, or maybe more accurately, not crafting your idea around the age of your actors. Especially when the whole film centered around the newcomer being younger and edgier, but he seemed around the same age as our lead.

Not a whole lot to write here, clearly have some good ideas, reckon you've got a few good years in the comp ahead of you.