Delivery for Dez

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Auckland > 5

Didn't get this at all.


Well crafted and sharp. Good beginning, middle and end, unlike many. Good acting, effects, lighting. A definite contender.

Surely there's a great back story just waiting in the wings to the "cleaner" character. And how dumb were the guys. Everyone knows a chick is going to have an ankle phone, duh!
Remind me not to p*ss off my dealer, I mean Amway sales consultant. Overall, very good guys.

DELIVERY FOR DEZ is right on the cusp of greatness, which is a shame because what it does well it does really well.

The art direction, costume design and acting were all really awesome, but the story wandered from vague and confusing to predictable and easy.

I think Guano have a lot of great people on their team and I'd love to see what they can offer in the future with a stronger script behind their film.

The most technically proficient film of the night and probably deserving of audience favourite.

This really felt like a scene of something bigger. Cool atmosphere and there was a definite turning point where it was clear what you were doing and that you were doing it pretty well. Some really great shots and uses of lighting in here.

Wonderfully shot! Especially the hallway scene at the end.
I think if the story was developed more, it would have been an absolutely great film.


Good looking cast and easy to watch, but all a little too easy.

This film started off well, and covered all the bases, but lacked depth. Good camera set ups, everything cut together well.
The story though followed boy buys drugs off girl, other boy tries to steal drugs, girl messages other guy to come and kill boys, other guy comes and kills boys.
Needed a bigger twist, needed to build some sort of audience relationship with the characters, I felt nothing for them, and cared not what happened to them, and felt nothing for the victors.

Good start to your 48 hour career, look forward to seeing more surprises next year.