The Summoning of Santa

Average: 2.2 (6 votes)
Auckland > 5

I was looking forward to a feel good Xmas movie!!! Was extremely excited to see this movie but it got too weird for me!!

Loved the twist, and very good narrative / rhyme matching the theme. I suppose one could see it all from several angles. I thought if it's going dark as it did, that maybe this is what Christmas in the modern world is all about. I mean just ask my credit card.

Really cool costume work, really nice drone shot at the end.

I wasn't really into the story, no one to identify with, and felt a little too weird and dark for my tastes.


loved the way this film was shot, y'all had a real cool aesthetic

Cool, different interpretation of Christmas film.

Some great art department and the drone shot at the end was excellent.

Felt very small in its setup and execution but I'm not even entirely sure this is a bad thing!


I found this film difficult to watch, and even more difficult to review.

Interesting take on the genre, good make-up.
I didn't feel invested, didn't understand the world the characters were living in and didn't know what their motivations were.

It's always good to establish character and motives before launching into the premise.