West Side Nativity

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This was out the gate and I loved it!!!

Holy Sh*t. Someone had to go there. What a crack up. I think actually the Alien baby is screwed if it was born into the Westie Bogun house. Damn, I'm going to look at all redneck westie boguns differently now. Are they all in fact aliens? Don't answer that. The mullets have ears!
Who got to clean the bathroom?

The all-too familiar BAD TASTE style of gross out filmmaking in its full glory.

I really liked this film, great story idea, amazing practical effects and hilarious acting, could have used a bit more polish in the edit, but it is what it is, and what it is is awesome.


i. was. screaming. awesome ideas and loved the build up to that intense bathroom scene - good luck with the clean up :)

Really great idea here that goes balls-to-the-wall insane, then comes back around at the end with the look on the lead's face when asked if he is okay. Really great piece of acting/direction there, capping off a character arc which was never really set up, but kind of made it a bit more hilarious for me. The long tilt up the bathroom was was a highlight, as if to say "yes, we actually fucking did this to our bathroom".

This must have been a mess to shoot and clean up. Wow.
And that baby at the end... Jesus
Definitely one of the best in this heat.