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Yep, it was that kind of weekend. And yep, I forgot to complete our online wrap up form. But would still love to get some honest reviews. Just in case you forgot. Our genre was Thriller / Vengeance and we did a sequel to our movie, the tenancy - part 2 (rents due) Thanks.

This movie really flipped my opinion on Ultra.

I was starting to think the idea of doing a sequel was a real bust. So many ultra films have required me to understand the original film intimately, and the result has been a very masturbatory year for the competition.

This film is no exception, but I kind of liked that about it, because I get the feeling this film was gonna be intense and obscure anyway, and adding the fact that there's a whole other movie I need to see on top of that really created this surreal experience.

Pushing teams to do sequels really encourages a new kind of creativity, and I think this film was a really great example of this.