Morgan's Time 2: Morgan's Fate

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Cool technical aspects of your movie, I remember watching your guys part 1 of this movie good stuff!!!

I too recall the original, this is a good sequel, loved the build up and tension.
Please tell me you haven't had your "time machine" in storage all this time. It certainly looked like the original. Wait, of course you didn't, you just went back in time and got it from 2014. Nice.
But wait, did it mean Eloise's mum got killed now? then what of Eloise? Oh the tragedy of time travel, I can't warp... I mean wrap my head around it all.

I haven't seen the original MORGAN'S TIME, and I'm not sure the 'previously on' segment helped clear anything up...
I think I would have rather seen that time spent filling me in on what happened last time used to flesh out the actual story to the point where seeing the previous adventure wasn't a requirement.
Still, that's the catch 22 of Ultra this year, and I feel like I'm reviewing too many Ultra films harshly because of the same problem... Though maybe that just means Ultra is doing its job.
MORGAN'S FATE is shot really beautifully, and paired with the acting make it quite a visually appealing entry. I'd love to know if the lead actor kept his mustache this whole time or was just able to shave it back for the sequel!

I remember as this film started, thinking that it was ballsy to use quite a bit of your relatively short runtime devoted to catching up those of us who hadn't seen the original.

Clearly the original meant a lot to you guys and no doubt it was great revisiting it, but I think this is one of the Ultra films which is really best viewed as a double feature with the original. It's hard to know how to judge Ultra films, as most actual film sequels you don't judge purely on their merits, but in how good of a sequel they are, so I won't necessarily mark you down for that.

Regardless, there was some genuinely good stuff in here and a great lead actor helped the film flow pretty well, my biggest gripe would be with how quick the ending flew by, but this could be a victim of the flashback at the start perhaps?