Driven by Jealousy

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Wow just wow!


Didn't really enjoy this movie , but the haircut conviction at the end was great!!

You guys had some great shots and smart story telling, very impressed with the quality of film making.
Keep at it, I look forward to seeing your team get far in this competition in years to come.

some brilliant acting, really liked the the way you guys told the story

Fairly good overall. Great you could maintain the accents throughout for your characters. Was it deliberate to have oversized suits and shirts? For me it can be seen two ways. It works, because of the obvious young talent acting a more adult role, or the other way is, it simply doesn't. The jury is still out for me on this one fact. Not the overall story. I got that. The children's movie "Bugsy Malone" came to mind as a reference for me.
Well done guys.

There were a lot of good ideas and funny moments in this film, not sure if the young talent wanted us to acknowledge they weren't playing age appropriate roles or were intentionally drawing attention to it with their oversized suits and that one guy who calmly ordered shot after shot of Vodka like it was chocolate milk.

Pacing was a bit of an issue here, it seems there was a lot of fluff in the beginning, only for the twist of the film being shoved into what must have been the last 7 seconds.

This is the kind of film I remember making in high school, I have a certain soft spot for that young age before you realise how important age-appropriate casting is.

Having said that, I think the age of the two leads was so deliberately off kilter that it actually worked in the film's favour. "One vodka please" being quoted by my group of friends for the rest of the night.

There was some pretty impressive stuff technically, some clever editing/camerawork, obviously some film buffs behind the scenes.

Let down a little by the rushed ending, think it could've done with maybe one "money shot" to really drive home what was happening as well as a sweet reveal of the lead's new 'do. Good commitment from him to shave his head. Just a shame we didn't really get a good look at the final product'

loved this film - well pitched acting and good technique. Nice work boys.

This was nicely thought out and delivered, some great shots and an engaging storyline. The scene with the lady at the door was really funny, she was great. "Get off my porch" is the new put down in our house! Having been to another heat today, got to say this is one of the stand outs of 2017 so far. Until next time, on Prehistoric Park, this is me, Nigel Marvin saying over and out.