For Closure

Average: 2.9 (2 votes)
Auckland > 3

Some really cool ideas in here, from a team which clearly puts emphasis on storytelling and character arcs.

I think the story may have dragged on a bit too long, as by a certain point the ending became inevitable, the girl in the storm drain seemed like she could have got out of their easily as her injuries didn't appear to be that severe.

The strong point of this film is the lead character's journey of finding purpose. This was just all crammed into the last few moments instead of signposted from the start.

When you're making a serious 48 Hours film, you've got to use something of a light touch. This was a bit heavy handed. I also didn't quite understand why the girl was where she was and why she couldn't get herself out. I kept thinking that she was being held prisoner, Silence of the Lambs style, or maybe she was allegorical, or perhaps even supernatural (the briefcase the protagonist carried threw me into thinking maybe she was stuck inside that).

I feel like this team had some big message they wanted to communicate which was unfortunately drowned by confusing signals throughout.