Who was she really

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Musical or Dance
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The hilarious team name here prepared me for something that was maybe a bit more serious than I was expecting.

I really like the idea of a Musical focusing on unrequited love/a mystery girl at a party, but it's such an inherrently cheesy concept I think comedy may have helped.

Ending was full circle, thought a bit of a bummer. I was invested in the hero's story!

It's really hard to go serious without having decent production value, and especially when you're already tasked with making a musical. I think that if this team had tried to work with the technical limitations they seemed to be under they could have been more successful. They did have some skills on display but it was pretty awkward to watch at times.


Big fan of the concept, if a little unoriginal. The 'twist' was obvious. Would have liked to have seen something a little less full circle. Thought the flashback scenes were really well presented.

Huge fan of the team name.