Runaway Christmas

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Auckland > 3

Nothing says Christmas quite like Santa going on a bloody revenge rampage.

A left field idea for a Xmas movie that looked like they had a lot of fun making.

I really thought I was going to hate this film. Vertical video, the 'Hey, it's Fred' squeaky voices, the general lack of polish. However, this is old school 48 hours. Some random ideas roped together which somehow all work and then rounded off by a completely mental ending. The production value was low, but the laughs were high. They ended it exactly at the right moment, too.

Almost as jarring as it was funny. Looks like you guys had a good time :)
Knuckle down and hone your craft and you could go really far in the future.


At the start of this film I really had an, "oh, here we go" moment. Wasn't sure I'd enjoy it. But in true old-school 48s fashion, it was a low-production-quality film with bizarre humour that the audience (myself included) got a kick out of.

Comedic timing was pretty spot on, I thought, which is hard to nail down in the 48s.