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A different take on buddy genre by a team that clearly has a passion for Sci Fi, some pretty excellent production values, great visuals and a satisfying ending that if not a huge twist is absolutely nailed in terms of performance makes Braid the Wife's Fur one to watch out for.

Definitely a film to be super proud of and I would not be surprised at all if this is another Heat 2 film that sees some award nominations.


Awesome visuals on display here and a great story that could have been fleshed out further in more time. It actually felt very sci-fi - through the language, acting and tech elements. The ending felt a little rushed and maybe lessened the impact of the 'twist' a little. Can't wait to see what these guys do next year.


This film wowed the audience with its visual effects. Literally, someone in the row behind me actually said "wow". For good reason too. This film is visually stunning.


Very ambitious concept and plot to take on let alone try fit into a 5min video format but these guys did a great job. Fantastic visual effects for a 48hr video and all actors were great with their performances. They really drive the story from point A to point B, with the latter being although a very cold and disconcerting ending makes for a very interesting way to finish.

With a slightly uneven pacing that can only be attributed to the 48hr grind and having the limitation of 5min to world build, the plot leaves you wanting to know more. Would be very interested to see a longer short film adapatation of this concept in order to expand on the story. Score: 4/5


This short held promise, with a high-concept and some sharp special fx, but lost it's way through the middle and left some serious plot holes.

I was unsure of who the main character was, where she had come from, and what her plan was even if she hadn't been led astray.
The beginning peaked my interest, but the middle was repetitive and uninspired as the lead walked aimlessly through some unknown land.

The highlight was the quick emotional switch from the lady on the phone line.