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Good concept. WHAT DID SHE SAY?!??

An interesting idea that I wish had been developed further. The story was there but it just felt like it was missing something.


I really enjoyed this film, it danced around the issue it was raising and never explicitly told us what she was in trouble for, but that's GREAT because it didn't need too. We could tell because of the excellent performances - the tension was palpable. I'd love to see another case for the Department of Political Corrections because if you treated another topic this way and pulled it off we would be seeing some real talent here.

It was shot quit well, the location was nice to look at, the costumes all worked. The only technical aspect I wasn't a fan of was the computer scanning shots, but I am sure that can be improved upon later. Good job guys!

I really enjoyed this film - an example of overcoming technical limitations with a strong story that has been well-executed through performance and dialogue. And I'm glad you didn't reveal what she said; it makes the audience complicit in whatever the act was, as we're all forced to imagine it for ourselves.