Danny Drunko

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I felt bad because of their audio problems.

This film started off so well! I don't know what happened but things clearly got out of hand for this team. I will say that I hugely respect the fact that despite some significant sound issues that might have deterred others, they still handed their film in. That 'it is what it is' attitude is vital for this competition!


There wasn't really any science to this fiction. The best thing I can say about it is we had to discuss it afterward to understand it so at least it matched the material that inspired it. I'm hoping that the last few months of Yoobee do you good because this was a terrible advertisement for an education provider.

The decision on the rabbit characters part to keep his retainer in was baffling.

I did like the discount booze gag though.

I can forgive most elements of a film, but a bad sound mix is something I find super-distracting. And sadly that is what happened to me here - the bad mix contributed to not being into the story, which meant I was starting to pick apart everything. I won't go into detail because, as I say, the root cause was the sound. Better luck next time.


Well​ ​done​ ​guys!​ ​Good​ ​work..