The Devil's in the Details

Average: 2.6 (5 votes)
Horror Comedy
Auckland > 14

All stars earned by the old woman.


Loved the beginning and the scene with the old Lady and the Trump photo.

Some decent acting and a clever-ish twist at the end.

I didn't really get this. Maybe it's just my hearing playing up but I missed the key premise of why the guys were in his house and got distracted for the rest of the film by trying to make sense of it. I'm usually a huge fan of minimal exposition but I think this one could have done with a bit more hand holding.

The Trump pictures were brilliant, though...


You guys managed to nail the tone of horror comedy, it was shot like a horror comedy, but it never really felt like a horror or a comedy because the horror wasn't horrific enough and the comedy wasn't funny enough. There was never a real sense that the guy was in danger and the film really needed that to succeed, maybe if we had seen evidence of what happens to people when the ATT carry out their orders we would have felt some foreboding but instead all we got was some time to learn that the protagonist is a little weird. I really liked the main set, but it didn't gel at all with the call centres which were a little too discount Halloween for my liking.

A really strong idea with a good cast that was let down by a lack of coherence (it felt like we jumped from one scene to the next without being clear what was happening; maybe more time would have helped) and some visual issues (the picture wasn't too clear at some points, and the framing of some shots - especially the customer service centre shots - seemed a little off. And for me, naming the neighbour character Esmerelda was distracting; I think that particular name connotes fairy tale and myth, so I formed that connection in my head and it didn't pay off.