Sue and Tim Play Conkers

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My favourite film of the heat for sure. A simple premise, executed well.

It would've been nice to see just a tiny bit more animation of the characters - it was clearly a directorial choice not to do so, but, some of the pieces of voiceover went on for a really long time without the picture moving and it felt slow.

Great ending (something a bit lacking overall in this heat, unfortunately - so was really refreshing to see).


One of my favourites really, just how the simplicity and humour sort of took to the "Z movie" genre and embraced it. It is sort of a really good parody of an animated fairy tale that you might see on an obscure television station.


Laugh-out-loud little animation, with a twisted edge.

I really enjoyed this lo-fi "Dick and Jane" style story. The visual aesthetic was Z-Grade to a T, and it probably had the best smash cut of the heat. Always impressive to see an animation in 48.

TBH I think this was robbed of audience fave. Great work!

Fantastic. Strong directorial voice carries this tight little animated piece very far.
Probably my favourite Z-Grade of the year, and an interpretation of the genre I don't think anyone else has done.
It'd be so hard to toe the line with intentionally bad animation and just unpolished animation, but Team Sprinkles manages this expertly, with the grainy filter and random cuts in the audio adding wonderfully to the aesthetic- the eloquent description of the apocalypse once it hits is also a nice touch and a great way to end the film.

Having now seen this film twice now my opinion has somewhat changed. I've become even more appreciative of he 'Z-grade' aesthetic they implemented but the story feels far less interesting than I had previously thought, which I can only ascribe to it relying on subverting expectation. Having said that, the collision was pretty predictable even the on first viewing and while it was satisfying enough and the denouement was pretty cool it felt a little bit of a cop-out in an otherwise successful story.