She Came To The Klargon Galaxy

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This film is a sequel to last year's film, THEY CAME FROM THE KLARGON GALAXY. You can view it here: You'll notice that the previous film in this heat, HE CAME FOR THE KLARGON GALAXY, is a sequel to the same film. We have a trilogy now!

I was actually a little confused by this one at first, I guess if I had looked at the teams in the heat more carefully I wouldn't have but for a moment I thought, "Is this the film that just finished or a new one?" soon I realised "Oh hey they entered 2 teams and 2 films! Brilliant!". I thought the you only have 5 minutes or you'll be disqualified joke was great too. It also got a bit of added tension to its plot because the previous film revealed that the planet was going to be blown up at the end... or was it the universe.