Coming Out

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To avoid confusion about homophobia in our film - we'd just like to clarify that we are allies and LGBT+ members and are not making fun of brave people coming out, but bringing light on those who make a big fuss over being LGBT+. We believe that people are overreactive and sensitive to the topic and yet relaxed about things that are actual problems. We have tried to show this through our narrative of the girls being thrilled over Luna being a werewolf but horrified that she is LGBT. Thanks <3

Entertaining concept - Two teenage girls assume their friend is a werewolf, when in fact she actually wants to tell them she's gay. (And also a werewolf)

There was some really great "teen trope" directing in this one - the girls sliding down the wall, disappointed, two heads poking around the door - that stuff was great. The performances from the girls were all great too.

I wish that the girls hadn't screamed when the girl came out as a lesbian - it would've been nicer to see them be more accepting.

It was great to see the little additional scene at the end where the friend is a werewolf (but also sad that she was leaving the house, presumably because her friends didn't accept that she was gay).


A neat concept, with some solid directing and shot choice. Performances were spot on, too.

I too, was a little dismayed by the friends' reaction at ending. Upon reading the team's response I understand their intent, but unfortunately that didn't come across for me in the film. I think there's a valuable lesson here in anticipating how an audience might react to a story in ways you may not anticipate. On another story note, the final werewolf gag feels like a bit of a "have your cake and eat it too" moment - including it undermined the great heartfelt feel of the rest of the film. I can't fault the film much for this, though - getting weird is the best part of 48.

Great job, Smol Beanz, I look forward to more!