The Wilhelm Curse

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Auckland > 12

Some interesting ideas in this one, but I don't think it all gelled together very well. A man had a curse upon him for using his phone at the movies (I think) - but the rest of the film had nothing to do with that. I loved that he could only speak using the Wilhelm scream, but, I think that gag could've been used a bit more.

The ending was also a tad confusing - did he get a different curse on him at the end...? I'm not sure.

A few great laughs throughout.


The idea behind this film is legit hilarious, well done!

The rhyming curse was one of the best moments in the heat, but unfortunately after the curse's reveal it went a bit downhill. The ending was unclear, but this may be a technical sound issue? Blaring the inception horns, while funny in 2017, doesn't mean a whole lot when we don't know why Hans Zimmer is going nuts. Maybe I missed something?

I love the idea of rude moviegoers being tortured, so you definitely get a thumbs up from me!