Balls and Chains

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Auckland > 10

Very well made production with lots of action. Great story line with a simple script with a big story told through some great acting.


Great costumes. Sexy mini-golf. Dinosaurs. Sweet zooms. Motorcycle chase. Jordan Mooney. What more could you ask for?

Top notch really loved it! :)

I really liked the acting, aesthetic and the production quality

This was hands down my favorite film in the heat such a shame it was DQ'd.... The dinosaur was crack up the ending was hilarious

A hugely enjoyable film!!!! I loved the 80's feel of the whole thing. The camera work and editing is outstanding and hard to believe they achieved that in 48 hours. Really disappointed that this film was disqualified because I truly believe it would have made it to the finals. The acting was on point and that final climatic moment was so attention grabbing.
Also how did they manage to get so many motorbikes speeding through Auckland?
All up an excellent contribution to 2017s 48 Hours Competition.


Loved the film and the 80's vibes and the bike chase!! how do you even organise a bike chase for such a short time frame and pull off amazing production quality. All round brilliant film.


"SEXTRAVEGANZA!" "RADICOOL!" "BODACIOUS!" These are the actual words that were ringing in my head as I watched Balls and Chains. That's probably because I'm a sucker for seductive ice cream licking at putt putt mini golf, non-sensical motorcycle chases, and epically cliched climactic scenes underneath motorway overpasses. All of this wrapped in a crispy 80s coating of killer costumes, seductive synths, and pumping performances. Go and watch it. It'll be the best darn sextravaganza you've ever had.

Very well done!


Well curated stunts and well directed. The acting was spot on and the cinematography was gorgeous. The whole film builds you up to a epic conclusion. Shaka film!

What a film! They did it at a mini golf course so 10/10 for location. The 80's are back in a big way with this charming and cute love story. But it's so much more then that! For the amount of time they had it looks incredibly professional and high quality. The climax with all those motorbikes could have been a logistical nightmare to execute but it comes off so well you would be forgiven for thinking you were watching the latest fast and furious but with bikes.

A bit of kiwi brilliance, superbly directed. Great script which kept you laughing and guessing to the end. A wardrobe that we can totally relate to.

John Keys

This film was average...

Your film mustn't be that great if you had to set up at least 5 different accounts just to give yourselves the top rating. For that, you get a big thumbs down.

The best 48hour film of the year, maybe ever.