Moon Cup

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Fairytale / Fantasy
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A darkly funny morning television show for witches and warlocks. The cast were all great, especially the poor unsuspecting virgin guest.

I think the jingle ('Brings a meal to your cup and your cup to your gob. Om-nom-nom-nom-nommy-nom-nom.') must have been a success, because it's still stuck in my head.

The sort of dark strange television parody that pops up in 48HOURS and early 2000's late night skit comedy shows, some of me wonders if Moon Cup was just a bit of an excuse for friends to playfully torture the 'guest' on the witches morning show. Female lead held the show together with gusto and the interstitial ad breaks threw enough weirdness and comedy to stretch out the initial gag and central conflict to the inevitable, conclusion. Whether you find the film fun to watch or not outside of the context of a cinema full of fellow 48HOURS competitors watching, there is no denying that fun was had by the team making the film.

Definitely not what I thought it was going to be, but overall a happy and hilarious surprise.


The team behind this one obviously had a great time and their sense of fun is definitely infectious.
The female actor really held this one together with a strong performance as the plot was a wee bit predictable. The script could have been a bit tighter in places as sometimes characters just repeated themselves.
The "ad's" that sectioned up the main story were an interesting addition, ranging from funny to bizarre, not sure if they were entirely necessary but they did help to sell the idea of a TV show.

Fun creative and in the spirit of the event.well done.