After T & L

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A dirtbag discovers that his terrible choices in life have left him with few prospects for a happy reincarnation. This was a strong concept (although not a good fit with the crime genre, even if they did make passing reference to the character having committed some crimes).

A clever film idea that perhaps the film makers already had in their heads given how far it fell from the Crime genre, was a bit worried the satire of entitled white man was going to be all lecturing and no laughs until the second half of the movie when a bit of rampant oneupmanship becomes our protagonists undoing.

Not exactly a shock ending but definitely flirting with the sort of very bad taste ending that 48HOURS tends to bring out in people, and it got a suitable crowd reaction. Probavly best enjoyed with an audience.

This was one of my favourites of this heat. I really liked it. I liked the existentialist kind of take on the genre. It was quirky and interesting. The smash cut at the end was probably one of the stand outs of the heat. Good use of Wilhelm scream too and collision. Kind of all happened at once if my memory serves me correct which was clever. Well executed and nicely shot. And it stood out because it was different. Although it was a very different film it had elements that reminded me somewhat of last years winner, perhaps just in the structure of it.


An interesting little film.
A total douche finds himself in an afterlife consultancy office waiting to hear about his options for reincarnation. He gets some pretty sweet offers considering the life he;s led, but turns them down as he hates the idea of being female or non-white.
The actor playing the consultant did a great job of holding the narrative together and there was a cool gag at the end that got a gasp from the audience.