Merry Heistmas

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A pair of would-be cat burglars plan to steal an allegedly spoilt rich schoolmate's Christmas present, but perhaps they should have tried a bit harder to find out what they were actually stealing first.

Technical issues/poor audio and a gag that kind of fell flat at the end hurt this Christmas crime caper about teen boys grinching up their spoilt classmates Christmas. Christmas movie may prove to be a tough genre, as using it as a mcguffin / setting for a completely other sort of movie may only work if your name is Shane Black.

These guys did have a clear idea about what they were trying to do - and I think if they had better audio I'd be much more generous in the rating. Keep trying guys and get some help with sound gear/mixing - and hopefully get a slightly less tricky genre than Christmas movie next time.


Christmas/heist/revenge film where two teens plot to nick a huge Christmas present from a girl they don't like.
I reckon Christmas is a very tough genre and this teams story was pretty good., even if their justification for stealing Christmas was a wee bit weak
Unfortunately it suffered majorly from terrible sound issues that made it almost unwatchable at parts.

Good concept, sadly lacking in execution. The sound issues made it a difficult watch and the story meandered badly at times, which didn't leave me feeling emotionally invested in what was happening.

Having said that, Christmas is likely to be one of the more difficult genres this year, so I would be interested to see more from this team in future.