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Bad Seed
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The plot of this film was somewhat unclear - I followed it well enough to appreciate the twist ending, though. Even with no plot at all, though, it still would have been a joy to watch, as it looked absolutely incredible - very stylish and dreamlike.

Seemed creatively shot and edited but unforunatet graded too dark throughout the majority (or just so undelit lots was not salvageable) this starts with a dream/nightmare like quality the reason for which pays off at the end.

It's a good premise whose technical issues unfortunately let it down. But it was still an interesting watch. not traditional take on the genre, let's call this Bad Seed meets Inception.


an interesting watch. Some arty black and white shots.
Plays a lot with fractured memories and dreams in a not obvious way.
Suffers greatly from being too dark. Really stuck to its theme but I'm not convinced its strictly on genre.
Strong lead actors.