The Night Shift

by 3dim

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At Night
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Hi guys - 3dim team here. Firstly, thank-you all very much for your wonderful reviews. We have enjoyed reading over them and we hope to gain more. We are also glad that you enjoyed our film which was made in our school grounds, late at night during it's lock down period (we were unable to leave) We are very appreciative of the feedback gained and we are glad that you have enjoyed 'The Night Shift' as much as we do. From the team leader and the 3dim team, we thank-you very much for your support

Two rival janitors battle for cleaning supremacy. This school team (from Long Bay College, if I remember correctly) did their school proud with this simple, well-realised, funny film. Reminiscent of Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle, etc). Cute and committed performances from the two leads.

Strong school entry with funny gags, this comedic battle between after hours janitors also had some fun editing choices and great broad physical performance ina sort of slapstick style.

The ending was cute but had some minor pacing issues. In all I could see the team members building on this and going on to very strongly executed films in the future.


A really strong offering form a school team.
enjoyed how you took a simple story and gave it impact with fun choreography,clever editing, bright colours and hilarious facials.

Loved the film! It was a hoot and a half to watch.

Funny ideas and clever shots make together a beautiful comedy. Good job. :)

A decent offering in this heat. A simple story well executed, with powerful looks and glances that took away the need for dialogue. The performances of the two leads were noteworthy and the story ran clearly through the gag very clearly.

A great concept, executed in a slick way.

Simplistic narrative, strong comedy, and wonderful colour combinations all intertwined to make an enjoyable short film.