Battlefield: 2017

by 37A

Average: 2.7 (3 votes)
Auckland > 1

An couple's verbal argument is interpreted as a physical fight, through intercut stick-figure animation. I quite liked the concept, and the writing, acting and animation were all competent.

Slightly conflicted about the star rating for this film. I am rating it higher than it probably deserves because the concept, intermixing a live action break up with a stick figure fight representing the verbal sparring is so clever and shooting both live action AND doing animation in the same 48HOUR period is definitely not playing it safe.

Sadly, ultimately I think the stick figure animation on it's own may have stood stronger than being intercut with the drama of the live action because the performances of the young actors didn't live up to the dynamism of the animated stick figures.

Where this film falls down in execution it makes up a fair bit of ground in originality. How much that matters to you will dictate how much leeway you are willing to give in regards to the star review system.


Really cool concept.
A young couple (trying hard to look like a couple 10 years older than they are) have a row as an animation of stick figures translates their words into a physical fight/competition.
The actors did a great job, really grounded and realistic. The sound track under the animations was a little jarring to constantly come in and out of.
I felt emotionally engaged with the film and loved the end.