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This short had the beginnings of a clever concept, using alien-ness as a stand-in for sexual and/or ethnic diversity to deliver a nice message about tolerance and inclusion in a mockumentary format. The use of social media was especially effective, and the overall effect was quite funny and optimistic. I was a bit unsatisfied that what it actually meant to be an alien was so ill-defined, and it was let down a little by sound issues, particularly towards the end - some more practice will pay off for this school team.

A high school stab at turning the Alien genre into a parable for sexual/gender identity wore it's heart on it's sleeve a bit too much. A subversive twist would have had me give this one higher marks, as well as if they had avoided a few technical synchronization issues.

Still the overall attempt was solid for a school entry and it is nice to see a 48HOURS film trying to say something.


An interesting take on what an "alien" genre can be.
Nice to see the woke youth using the competition to say something important.
A great idea to use Alien to mean "other" whether that is race/identity/sexuality.Is it true to genre, no not really but it was great to see young people making a film that was important to them discussing themes important to the world.
The quality of the sound in the film really let it down.

The team really thought outside the box with the subject matter, which is what this competition is all about. But the technical elements, particularly the sound, let this short down. I had to really concentrate to hear what was being said at times.

Other than that, it was certainly an interesting concept and with more practice in this competition, this team may flourish.