Woolly Blanket

by Shum

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Comedy of Errors Movie
Wellington > 08

Neat and simple premise and a brave move shooting all your scenes outside in the rain on an awful shoot weekend.
Liked the set up and the physical interplay between the two characters was well done.
Not sure if you had sound problems as some of the dialogue appeared to be at a low volume but the story was still understandable without.
Good work!


Wasn't really a true "comedy of errors" genre film. Also not sure where the "thoughtful" character trait came into it - perhaps a better descriptor for this character would be "scheming" which at a stretch could be considered thoughtful?? But definitely amusing albeit slightly dark subject matter. Some very creative and fun moments, particularly the garbage bag costume. Nice work put into the score - it was used successfully for dramatic moments, although came off a little inconsistent tonally throughout the movie. Great job team!

Sam Murphy

The tone of this movie was a bit confused between humour and pathos. It's a little awkward to laugh at, and I'm not sure the comedy was grounded in "errors". That said, I liked the way it was shot, you had good props/costuming and performances, and I also liked that the dialogue was kind of muted but you could tell what was happening (I'm assuming this was intentional!).