the Sock

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Cat and Mouse Movie
Wellington > 08

It was never clear whether the film was disqualified due to content or late delivery (excuse the pun) but this was the other film in the heat that had the audience simultaneously laughing and squirming in their seats. Would have loved to have been at the brainstorming session for this beauty!


Clearly going for gross-out humour but it definitely got a few laughs from the audience. It didn't aim high but I think achieved what they out to do, which is completely gross out the audience. Wasn't really true to the genre of cat and mouse, but these guys clearly had fun with it.

Sam Murphy

I will give you an extra star for viscerally disturbing content that most certainly required some work to achieve, but overall isn't for me. Its play to the genre was weak, and story/characters inexplicable.

Disgusting, but great. Thank you for making me laugh uncomfortably next to older prudes.