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Time Travel Movie
Wellington > 08

A great performance by the lead as well as the mother-in-law character who was a little charicatured but comedically played. A fun take on the time travel genre. The fourth-wall breaking final punchline missed the mark a little. The ending decision to re-do the day wasn't really clear (I guess he'd rather walk out on his wedding than live with the MIL in his life?) Overall fun plot, well done guys.

Sam Murphy

A good comedic take on this particular time travel device, good acting all around, and I was glad that the main character used his new found powers to his advantage a few times. Suffered a little from some awkward edits that made it all a bit less coherent than it could have been -- with the five minute format, maybe reducing the amount of gags and set up so everything is a bit clearer?

MARRIAGE GROUNDHOG DAY where our hard drinking lead is in a ferocious battle with his mother in law, and to be fair, his own comedic mistakes. Whilst the would be mother of the bride does not approve of the leisure centre manager he discovers an ability to turn back time to the aftermath of his bachelor party through a simple phrase. Excellent star turn by the lead actor and a real vibrancy to the proceedings however a bit rough around the edges at times and final payoff not quite as rewarding as had hoped.