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Mystery Movie
Wellington > 08
山 武

I was on the fence about this film but it ultimately came through and delivered a nice mystery. The twists and turns were handled deftly without any backtracking or clear give-aways. The style was particularly flashy and I felt a real authenticity in the cinematography and sets. The quality of performance by the leads were questionable, perhaps in a good way, but it did break immersion. An impressive film with a sensitivity that's often lost in the weekend.

Nicely shot in black and white with good production values.
This one set itself us a fairly straight forward 'private eye on the trail of a murderer' and then surprised me with some unexpected gems in the script and comedy timing.
πολύ καλά (I think that's right?!)


The film noir homage was well achieved stylistically and tone-wise, with credible acting. The plot overall was perhaps a little over-simplified however a great mystery is really challenging to write - the dialogue and ending revelation didn't quite hit the mark. However, overall nice work.

I was pretty sad to see no Cinema in Decline entry for 2016 but was thrilled to see Alex Greig turn up on screen, in this star turn as a detective for a team that I was very much rooting for given the backstory. To mine you handed in a really good film so well done Petra!

Onto the film which was an investigation into a slain star-crossed lover. I understand going for the hard-boiled look via shooting in black and white but as the contrast was not really strong or shadows/lighting utilised this could just as easily have retained colour. The stitching together of the clues was well done, and the collection of Greeks named C/Kostas were particularly entertaining. Whilst a tad predictable the touches of melodrama were nice and this film probably had my favourite use of the required line so far in the competition "KISS ME AGAIN!..."

Sam Murphy

This was really nice, visually. Some nice lines and some good acting moments, and a good riff on the genre. Overall, the story felt a little expected and simple, not quite living up to what it seemed like it could deliver in terms of quirk or surprise.

I got a few good laughs out of this.. although I found it hard to view the movie without a narcissistic lens when the film company is named after the director. I loved Tina. She was brilliant! And the old woman in the chair, sublime!