Who's Your Daddy?

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Mistaken Identity Movie
Wellington > 08
山 武

I love the cast in this film! I've had the pleasure of working with Shauwn before and wish him the best in the future, he has a natural screen presence and comedic timing. I also really like the location. The hospital has so many interesting angles and the quality of light was beautiful on the day.
It was a fun film to get lost in. However, upon it's well delivered climax, I wondered what it was all for - I guess this is the new 5 minute format. An extra 2 minutes would have pressed the question but the pacing as it stood was too good to interrupt with exposition.

I didn't quite know where this one was going in the first part of the film, but the plot built steadily alongside the comedic content to deliver a great final act.
Good use of limited settings and a laugh out loud cameo. Would like to have seen more of the second receptionist - that character's quirks had legs.
Well done Pancakes!


Nice acting and some good comedic moments. The male lead was particularly funny, and the twist ending was nice too. Could have maybe used a bit more depth or development but overall funny and enjoyable.

Sam Murphy

I really liked this one. Could have been a bit tidier in execution, but it was well acted, well written, and pretty well thought through, especially in terms of comedic pay offs.

Darkly comic or a malignant bent? It was hard to tell but did have some fantastic moments as a young couple trekked through a hospital to find dad for what they think will be a strong comic punchline. The receptionist misdirection set the scene and the cameo was hilarious. This team has been guilty of average sound in the past but was crystal clear here which was pleasing with fine craft displayed behind the scenes, paying close attention to minor details such as using real hospital bandages. I really liked how open ended this was with unclear motivation - financial, revenge and just wanting to meet the guy all occurred to me as possibilities. If I could give a 5.5 out of 7 I would.

A safe film, but still very fresh. Held together with a hilarious story. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the 2nd receptionist!!!