Liar liar glutes on fire

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Time Travel Movie
Wellington > 07

Boy oh boy this started with a hiss and a roar with a pulsating beat and pumping flexing glutes before calming down to examine the real reasons that people pay for professional exercise. Of course given the vast discrepancy between the toned lead and his students it was important to make sure they were eating, drinking and cleaning themselves correctly and this was done through some sort of time travel device. Your energetic lead was brimming with confidence and very entertaining. My biggest suggestion for this team would be to work on utilising camera angles that are more engaging; whilst the William Friedkin rule to not move the camera unless your actors do generally is a great one, I also feel that a gym class based film could have used more movement as the whole thing was a bit static other than your lead.

Ray Gun

I really liked the concept for this film. A time travelling gym instructor travels back to show his students the error of their ways, only to be shown up himself. The sound needed a bit of work as it was slightly unbalanced and the audience were occasionally blasted with loud music. Some more creative shot work would have helped bring this one to life but overall, I enjoyed it.