Charlie's Choice

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Real Time Movie
Wellington > 07

Waking up with little recollection of the previous night tightly bound in a straightjacket and ballgagged to be greeted by a lamb, immobilised Charlie Flowers needs to work out what the fuck is going on before his mother and law and wife arrive at his house. This played more like a comedy of errors than a real time film but that is not necessarily a bad thing more of an observation on my end. The fast jazz drum soundtrack worked to provide a sense of urgency throughout and the lead actor really stood out which was impressive given his bondage limitations. I feel that with slightly more plot development this would have been a really strong film.

Ray Gun

A confused Charlie wakes up gagged and tied in a straight jacket with a strange man in his bed. The editing and shots were great in this short but I left feeling a little bit confused about what actually happened. The asylum storyline didn't line up for me and I don't think it was needed. The wife and house cleaner witnessing the aftermath of Charlies strange night was pay off enough.