Killing Time

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One-Location Movie
Wellington > 07

Set in the parked car of a group of crooks with a focus on the restricted license getaway driver, this mainly narrated film took a light comedy approach. Covering the thoughts and actions of the waiting driver when they had a particularly long amount of time to kill allowed for some quality comedic scenarios such as ordering fast food and playing around with weapons - the deflated tire being a particularly memorable highlight. Said driver carried the film well but I was a little thrown by accents that appeared to change throughout the course of the film and what appeared to be a KKK joke which has resulted in me dropping my rating by 1 star.

Ray Gun

This film started out well but dragged slightly. The characters didn't seem to be in any rush to get away which was a little strange. The film seemed to be lacking the pressure cooker feeling that it needed. I did enjoy the gags and the main character but this one might have benefited by being shorter.