Bottled Up

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Rom-Com Movie
Wellington > 06

Brilliantly terrible acting and a simple but entertaining story. The beach location was awesome and your cinematography made the most of it. I liked the abruptness of the main guys change/decision at the end and the humour throughout was great.

Great over acting. Simple yet intriguing story. My favourite. Nce pics of the beach

Incredibly strange MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE piss-take that had me chortling from laughter at its over the top melodrama. I also noted an absolutely stupidly good rack focus here; shame there's actually no award for that requirement in 2016. The deliberate dim-wittedness and clever winks to the Wellington coast line made this an enjoyable short. Loved the ridiculous subversion and know that short films are your guys' 'thing' but a little more substance would have made it even more awesome.