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Mistaken Identity Movie
Wellington > 06

Barely animated surrealistic cartoon by the inimitable Simon Insoll delivers all the trademarks of a quality Gurgler Production. Cops talking shit, a bevy of anthropomorphic animal miscreants and a whole lot of don't give a fuck attitude. I was promised some quality trash dialogue before the weekend, and it was delivered in spades - perhaps at such a rapid rate that some of the audience missed the z-grade black comedy gold they were being treated to. The bait and switch of the office accountant was an excellent way to adhere to the 'mistaken identity' genre giving it all the lip service that it needed. Personally I had the British Bulldog picked all the way as the likely culprit but I guess I was wrong! The only thing holding back a 7/7 is I would have wanted to see the mouths actually move when the characters were talking ;)

***For anyone trying to objectively read this review please note this film was by my best friend***

So there was a bunch of funny one liners....that i didnt get. Think i needed more difference between the characters besides voice. Or further movement to hold my attention. Obviously talented team. But missed the mark a tad.