A sticky situation

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Puppet Movie
Wellington > 06

Great editing and story :)

Nice gags. Good idea of human puppet. Forget about the reason for moving the body all over the house. Funny ! Has similarities to weekend at bernies...but stands up on it own

Raf Ael

Great variety of gags throughout, some real random stand out moments that had the crowd laughing. A nicely polished final edit and a fantastic team intro !

Weekend at Bernies 3: Bad Taste. Hard to be more succinct than that as a group of home-owning friends ignore their recently deceased friend (I'm assuming this team are a fan of WORLD's GREATEST DAD) to present their lovely home to a potential buyer and real estate agent. Well, not ignore but string up as a human puppet for a series of physical humour jokes. Black comedy can be very hit and miss especially in 48Hours however using visual gags not just dialogue can well be to your advantage. I noted very very few shots in the film and whilst it created a madcap THREE STOOGES tone to some of the film as the corpse had to be quickly moved around I personally felt it made the film quite disjointed.