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Wellington > 05

Tense boardroom thriller focusing on a group of directors contemplating a button that could present them doomsday or paradise. Played like a minimalistic take on the 'what the hell does this do?' concept of both CUBE and THE BOX I was impressed by your ensemble of actors and strong ability to focus your shots so that attention was brought to the key elements of every one of your shots. Framing was also excellent and represented the claustrophobia and paranoia of the situation well especially when a full understanding of the filmic situation had been developed. My only two minor negative points were that the art direction could have done with slightly more work and I felt like a couple of the actors delivered their lines the same way throughout whereas giving more emotion towards the end of the film would have had more impact.


Might have been due to the genre of the film but I just didn't find this enjoyable to watch. The premise of the film - the button, didn't really have much of an impact. Good try.


Really neat idea, could see how the film would have been better if the team had just a little bit more time to polish things off. Exposition should be improved to show that they are trapped in the room, didn't really come across from the really close up and short shots of the lock and boarding on the door(?).