The Last Slice

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Mystery Movie
Wellington > 05

After a night on the vodka the search is on to find out which friend/flatmate ruined the bread in a tense post-hangover house. This got some fantastic laughs from visual sight gags such as sweat pouring like a waterfall and the bizarre eyewear. The didactic house leader had a very strong screen presence and the humour had tinges of both John Cleese and Chris Farley albeit a bit rough around the edges.

Awesome film, filled with many laughs & great acting! Well done :D

By far one of the most entertaining films I have seen, could see and hear how much the audience enjoyed it when they lit up the room filled with laughter and applause. A few tweaks could be made but all in all a superb film and would recommend a watch!

Oh my lord the laughter this film generated in the theatre! When the sweating buckets gag came on screen I couldn't even hear the film for a while because of all the laughter! Loved the film, great work guys.