Love One More Time

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Rom-Com Movie
Wellington > 04


its your boi Skinny Penis, loved this film i would touch flowers if they were kids, good for you Mr Flowers


Had a good concept and attempted to tell a good story with a funny twist. But the execution was not there, a lot of shots being out of focus.

Moments of artistic genius when the rhythm of the film matched the synthetic EDM playing in the second half of the film. However I personally found this incredibly frustrating to watch as the whole film plays out through heavy duty strobing with 3 or 4 images/videos showing at nearly all times throughout the film. Appeared to be quite a few memes and inside jokes but I found the plot indecipherable and I have watched 4 times now. Definitely a team with talent but would have been a stronger film if had held back a bit to allow the plot to come through.