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Crime Movie
Wellington > 03

Heavy on dialogue and very little visually but it had a great pay off for the audience at the end. I was wondering if the van was actually driving or if somebody was running around outside with torches.

I was enjoying this film for the first part,nothing amazing but a pretty good crime film on a budget, but then the payoff at the end was awesome and just elevated the entire film for me. Some really nice framing with the shots. Well done to the team!

Genuinely chilling minimalist but still incredibly tight film set in the back of a van. The steadiness of film-making prowess behind the film is very impressive as a planned heist/holdup wears its influences firmly on its sleeve (most obvious to me being Michael Mann and QT a given because of the suits) driven by a yes dialogue heavy but very high quality script.

Also keeps it very real in terms of character motivation, essentially asking the question of whether you could dance with the devil in the pale moonlight with a powerful resolution. One of the key reasons I particularly loved this film was the restraint and pacing being so spot on. I made a grave error publicly saying this team had poor sound which I apologise for - the sound issues that I personally had were what I found to be a very quiet mix for the dialogue. Some of the actual sound design (boot slamming, rain folley etc) was exceptional.