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Wellington > 02

[DQ] Perhaps the most F-bombs ever rattled off in a 48Hours film. No mean feat when previous years have had 7 minutes to do so. Ignoring the lines of cocaine...actually no I can't; this film tried its best to outdo the grotesque parts of MEET THE FEEBLES. The main problem was that it felt like a film of two halves. The first half focusing on the couch of f-bombs as two puppet performers cursed the world and their manager, whilst the second followed their previous history as devious puppet criminals. The second half of the film was significantly better than the first and I think if the team had committed to a storyline of criminal puppets it may have been better for it, as the 2-3 minutes listening to repetitive f-bombs felt like it could have been trimmed.


I didn't really care for the first part of this film but I thought all the cutaways with the puppets were hilarious and perfectly shot. The contrast between the inappropriateness with the innocence of puppets was super strong.