How to say punk with your hands

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Punk Movie
Wellington > 02

Great film, clever idea, signing was awesome -especially cutaway sequence, band was great, funny dialogue, nice buld to perfect dance sequence. Nice!

OK so this is the sort of genre subversion I was hoping to see when "Punk" was announced as a genre in 2016. It's really all here; the look, the music, the attitude and with some bloody good unspoken (obviously) chemistry between the two leads. Fast paced and snappy, this moved from one joke concept to the next with just the right necessary urgency. I love heaping praise where it is deserved and so I will continue; what I liked most about this film was that it was genuinely believable. Many of us have been there and done that; moshing or fight dancing with a new best friend or potential romantic interest, but I cannot remember it being told this way. Sure there was THE TRIBE but the subtitles are necessary here [the different colour schemes again another great choice] and after watching I just felt like thrashing my head around with someone I love.

Everything about this film was amazing! Really solid & Well paced, was my favorite on the night.


This team delivered on a great concept. This had the gem of something I could see as a stand-alone funded short. My scribbled note from the heat; "they nailed that... whatever it was".
Keep at it clever Daguerreotype, I'm already keen to see what you make next year!


A perfect take on the Punk genre with great cinematography and editing. It took a little while to click with the audience, but once it did, the reaction was pretty strong. Hoping to see you get through to the next stages in some form or another!