The Dark Yarn

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One-Location Movie
Wellington > 02

Reminded me of the Fred Savage film LITTLE MONSTERS but rather than having a friendly horned chum our lead was best friends with a terrifying closet dweller that looked like it was straight out of INSIDIOUS. Played straight for some quality black comedy in my book this explored the theme of obsession and jealously rather well only with a very skewed angle. Fred Pokai has delivered some quality performances in 48Hours over the years and stepped up again here although the knitting demon was also an excellent on screen presence + the girlfriend actress also played her part well. Seemed like some audience members found the whole throat stabbing the stuff of nightmares but to me the crowd reaction showed that they had bought into your film completely. Well done.


The creepy thing in the closet was well done. Nice Booshian feel to it. And the Playstation spar-ing had a Shaun of the Dead feel. I'm wondering how often knitting needles have filled such a role? The lead was nice and engaging.


This films introduction of the character Charlie was so well done. It's the kind of film that's a bit fucked up but it works.